How randomness shapes biodiversity


主講人:Professor Sebastian Schreiber,University of California, Davis




主講人介紹:Sebastian  Schreiber是美國加州大學戴維斯分校(UC-Davis)生命科學學院的教授,著名的理論生態學家和應用數學家,主要研究生態學和進化論,擅長建立數學模型去解決生態系統和物種進化的重要問題。他現任多個專業和交叉領域雜志,諸如  Ecology/Ecological Monographs,Journal of Mathematical Biology, Theoretical  Ecology, and Theoretical Population Biology等的編委。

內容介紹:All organisms, whether they be plants, animals, or viruses, live in environments  that vary over their lifetime. This variation involves regular and irregular  (random) fluctuations in temperature, precipitation, and nutrient availability.  These fluctuations can influence whether or not populations go extinct, whether  or not evolution selects for diversity within a species, and whether or not  competing species are able to coexist. In this talk, I will discuss how ideas  due to David Bernoulli about economics in the 1700s contribute to our  understanding of these surprisingly, subtle effects of randomness on  biodiversity.