Teleparallel theories of gravity: recent progress and challenges


主講人:Dr. Martin Krssak,Yangzhou University




主講人介紹:Martin krssak obtained his PhD from Bielefeld University, Germany in 2013.  Currently he is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Center for Gravitation and Cosmology,  Yangzhou University. His research interests include: mathematical foundations of  gravity theories, differential geometry, teleparallel gravity, modified gravity,  f(T) gravity, holography, gauge/gravity dualities, conformal gravity, non-local  effects in gravity.

內容介紹:Teleparallel theories are an intriguing framework to study gravity where the  usual Riemannian geometry is replaced by the so-called teleparallel geometry and  leads to description of the spacetime geometry in terms of torsion rather than  curvature. In one particular case known as the teleparallel equivalent of  general relativity, we can formulate a theory dynamically equivalent to general  relativity that allows us to study general relativity from a novel perspective  that offers many interesting insights. Recently, teleparallel theories of  gravity became a popular topic as it was realized that modified teleparallel  gravity theories are a completely new class of theories not equivalent to  modifications of the standard general relativity and have many interesting  features and rich phenomenology; the most popular one being the f(T) gravity  model. In this talk I will give a short introduction to teleparallel theories  and focus on the key aspects and novelties that differentiate it with the  standard theories of gravity. Then I will review the most important results and  point out the most important open questions that need to be addressed.